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Stella and the Seagull

Here's a book to show even the youngest child a safe and easy way to join the battle to save our lovely green planet.

Anne Fine OBE, author

"This book is perfect for sharing the message that we all can do our bit to care for our environment and everyone/ everything that lives in it. The caring nature of Stella and her fantastic ideas on how to make a difference will inspire even young children to take action against litter and waste. The story is beautifully illustrated with hidden messages showing no matter who you are we can all get involved. I can’t wait to share this with children (and adults) within our community and inspire both the young and the old to all make a difference.”

Michaela Main, Education and Engagement Officer, Keep Britain Tidy

“This is an inspiring story about a girl and her seagull and their journey to clean up the beach together. i recommend this to people who want to read a heart felt yet insightful story and to children of all ages as it can inspire you to become a change maker as well! My personal favourite part of the book is at the end the short but insightful facts about plastic pollution that will be great at educating children.”

Lilly Platt aka Lilly’s Plastic Pick up

A gentle reminder to us all that taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility, this is a book for small children, designed to give them an awareness of the damage that humans cause whilst, at the same time, showing them that they can all make a difference. And it does that very well. The story is well paced and well told. And I absolutely adore the illustrations!

Jane Sandell, Children's book specialist

This picture book is about a little girl who realises that she can make positive change through using her voice to inspire others to make change too.  It is a story of courage and creativity and how we are never too young or too old to make positive changes! I will be giving away my royalties to several different charities who help to show young people how powerful they can be to make positive change.