Beach Clean July 2021

Stella and the seagull reading notes

In July I am launching my third book, Stella and the Seagull And to celebrate that we will be holding another community beach clean somewhere on the South Coast of the UK. We will be giving away copies of the book to all young helpers, and also an eco-goody bag. Details to follow but do get in touch if you would like to help host this beach clean.

Tree planting event March 2021


For the launch of my second book, Climate Action I will be holding a virtual tree planting event in March 2021. Details to follow.

Woofing Climate Strike 2019


Whilst my son and I were working on farms around Europe we organised a Climate Strike in Italy in September 2019 with a few friends we met! And everyone who got involved made a pledge of how they wanted to show their love for our planet.


Mission Plastic April 2018


In April 2018 I was part of a volunteer crew for the amazing Save the Med, onboard the Toftevaag for a week.

Britain’s Biggest Beach Clean Sunday 4th March 2018


Shoreham By Sea – 9.45-12 noon

650 people showed up to tell the world just how much they cared about our oceans!


The Seriously Stimulating Nuclear Debate 2017

I have chaired a few debates in my time. My favourite to date was the “Seriously Stimulating Shoreditch House Nuclear Debate” where I had the privilege of chairing Jonathon Porritt and Stephen Tindale in a nail biting debate on Nuclear Power. At the beginning of the debate, a large part of our audience were on the side of nuclear power, but by the end Jonathon managed to win most of the crowd over to his way of thinking. It was fascinating and great fun.